We continuously focus on process that facilitates true collaboration, and building excellence. We start and finish with the details that matter.

Working closely with architect, designer and client, every collaboration is built upon a mutual understanding, informed first and foremost by our detailed and efficient quoting process. Our role, as we see it, is to plan, execute and deliver on the design intent of homes to the highest standard, within budget and on schedule. We format our quotes to clearly demonstrate our approach. All subsequent building contracts and contract terms adhere to Master Builders standards.

From our leadership to our site team, J.H. Dixon are passionate about all aspects of design and building best practices across each stage of the build process. This extends to our selected contractors who also bring essential skills for constructing and finishing architectural homes to the highest standards. Every project is assigned a project lead, supervisors and leading hand—familiar faces at regular site meetings for clients to discuss progress, timing and expectations. Pro-active and open communication between our office team, architect and contractors ensures up-to-date clarity around schedule and cost updates.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of service and reliability throughout the entire building journey. We understand that building a home can be demanding and stressful – so our clients satisfaction and peace of mind is our greatest priority. To this end we manage all in-house and client defects before handover. Our aim is to make living in a new home as frictionless as possible.

Our reputation for diligence in every detail goes beyond the handover. J.H. Dixon continue to offer a dedicated, highly responsive team for all ongoing support. This is as important to us as it is to our clients, having built their homes we feel we are the best equipped to ensure their upkeep. For years clients have insisted we keep a key to their home, a testament to the ongoing relationships we value so greatly.